Become a member

The Investment Co-op is an organization comprised of community-minded individuals who wish to diversify a portion of their investment portfolios into new and existing local businesses and projects.

Why invest locally?

• Know where your money goes;
• Get connected to your investments;
• Support local businesses; and
• Celebrate their successes.

Local investments tend to generate not only employment and economic activity but also civic pride and new attitudes about local ability to drive positive community change.
Creston & District residents can become a member of the Investment Co-op at any time by purchasing a one-time, redeemable $500 membership share. Members can then purchase up to three $1,500 investment shares, which are loaned to local businesses. Investment shares can be included in your Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

Benefits of membership

As a member, you will:

• Have the opportunity to invest in local ventures;

• Be an owner of the Investment Co-op and share in profits made through local loans;

• Take part in Board nominations and Annual General Meetings;

• Participate by sitting on the Board, the Investment Committee, or being a mentor to a business; and

• Contribute directly to Creston & District community economic development.

Each of us brings capital, skills and knowledge to our community. Let’s pool these resources together and add a new element of economic vibrancy at home!