Redirecting our community capital back to local businesses and projects.

What is the CDCI CO-OP?

The Creston & District Community Investment Co-op (CDCI CO-OP) is a new community investment tool that aims to direct new, or pre-existing, investment capital from local residents into local ventures with high community impact. The CDCI CO-OP will serve communities from Yahk to Riondel.


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Why is it being created?

Traditional investment options limit who and where we can invest into. The result is that most investment capital leaves Creston & District and is placed into far off stock markets and corporations. An unintended consequence is that our money is creating significant jobs and wealth elsewhere in the world, while leaving the places we live, work and play underfinanced.

thought-quote-reverse In 2013, tax filers in the Town of Creston alone contributed $4.4Million into their RRSP’s, much of that money leaving Creston & District and Canada.

A recent study revealed half of businesses in Creston & District plan to expand within 3 years, yet financing was identified as a top barrier.

How does it work?

The CDCI CO-OP is an organization made of community-minded individuals who wish to diversify a portion of their investment portfolios into local businesses and projects.

 Step 1: Members of the CDCI CO-OP pool their money together to create a revolving loan fund.

Step 2: Local ventures who demonstrate an ability for high community impact and sustainable operations apply to the CDCI CO-OP for financing.

Step 3: The CDCI CO-OP works with other lenders to collaboratively finance these high-impact ventures.

Step 4: The CDCI CO-OP works closely with loan recipients to provide them with mentorship, promotion, and referrals to other venture development services.


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What are the benefits?

Members will have the opportunity to invest into local ventures, be an owner of the CDCI CO-OP, share in the Associations profits made through local loans, and contribute directly to community economic development in Creston & District.

For more details on membership, see our Member Application.

Local businesses and projects will have access to an additional source of financing, mentoring and support for their ventures. Projects which clearly show how they will positively enrich the economic, social, environmental and/or agriculture settings within Creston & District will be considered for investments.

For more details on (applying for a loan), see our Investment Application Package

We hope the CDCI CO-OP will inspire local ventures to encompass a social, environmental or community purpose into their business models which in turn, benefits the entire Creston & District region.


Significant research, partnerships and planning have already gone into the CDCI CO-OP, see below for details:


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A CDCI CO-OP team member is available to present to your community organization. There will also be public Question & Answer evenings.

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